DIKTATOR was born on January 8, 1986 in Charlotte, North Carolina. DIKTATOR’s love for music began at the early age of six (6). He has the uncanny ability to capture clear, simple, pungent, and heartfelt truisms about life--- friendship, love, and even death, in his writings.  In 2000, DIKTATOR and three friends formed a rap group called “NU WORLD”.  In April of 2002, “NU WORLD” was the opening act for Lil’ Romeo and the No Limit Allstars Tour.  
Through learning experiences and changes DIKTATOR started focusing on his solo career which really began to intensify his popularity.  On August 20, 2003, DIKTATOR was the opening act for the renowned rap artist TI.  In 2004, with constant writing and recording, he completed his first album “SHUT IT DOWN”.  In 2005, while the first release “SHUT IT DOWN” was gaining street credibility DIKTATOR recorded a remix to one of the featured songs on the album with “KRAZY” (from the 504 BOYZ) titled “START A FIGHT”.  This business move certified him as one of the next promising artists from the south.  In 2006, DIKTATOR linked up with Master P in Los Angeles, California to record an album song titled “CAKBOY” which Master P actually mentioned working with him in the “SOURCE MAGAZINE”(rebirth of a hustler February 2006).  Master P also featured DIKTATOR on his first movie release “REPOS”-Soundtrack, July 4th 2006 from his company called Hood Cinema.  From the inspirational experience with Master P, DIKTATOR then came back to Charlotte, NC to focus on a new direction that made being a part of the music industry worth it to him.  That is not to just be in the game, but to change the game.  That is what started the movement with his record label K.O.C. Records. DIKTATOR’S mission statement is if you stay true to yourself then you can achieve your dreams and a lot more beyond your imagination.   
In 2009, DIKTATOR released a ground breaking project along with an R&B artist named “TRARIUS” mixing Carolinas Hip hop & R&B at its finest, titled “BRIDGING THE GAP”.   One of the singles from this project titled “FEEN” was re-created as the official intro for Charlotte’s own WPEG Power98 FM’s Morning Madd House for over nine months.  The project “BRIDGING THE GAP” is currently on  In 2010, DIKTATOR’s music was featured in Charlotte Fashion Week representing for the Queen of hip hop “LIL’ KIM’S” clothing line.  In 2011, DIKTATOR received an opportunity from GreyHawk Films to play a part in a movie trailer titled “WEDNESDAY’S AT THE GEM” which helped him bridge out to other avenues in the entertainment industry.  During the CIAA tournament in 2012, DIKTATOR had a role in the stage play “THANK GOD SOMEBODY PRAYED FOR ME” giving the youth a positive message.  
Shortly after, DIKTATOR was honored to do voice over’s for the CHARLOTTE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in their economic development film.  This film will be shown internationally to display Charlotte’s story and its growth to potential business owners.  DIKTATOR is dedicated to perfecting his art and also being a positive impact to his community.